The Global African Investment Summit - COMESA & Government of Rwanda

Delivering international trade and investment to Africa's most dynamic region

Held under the high patronage of His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, TGAIS-COMESA Rwanda takes place 5-6 September in Kigali, Rwanda, in partnership with COMESA and Government of Rwanda.

Playing host to 1,000 high-level delegates from the public and private spheres, the summit will engage the private sector on the TFTA initiative and explore how public and private sectors can collaborate to realise the aspiration of Africa's largest single market.

Join multiple African heads of state, government ministers and private sector global business leaders representing US$200 billion in managed funds.

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Programme topics include:

 - Developing trade and investment corridors in the TFTA region

 - Attracting investment and private sector players to enhance the physical infrastructure to facilitate the movement of goods and persons

 - Creating an environment that enables harmonisation through policy and regulation

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We have 2 Heads of State and over 900 delegates registered already. Make sure you join them.

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The landmark Tripartite Free Trade AREA (TFTA), signed in June 2015 and attracting the endorsement of 26 heads of state, took a defining step to further bolster intra-regional trade across the African continent, and to economically integrate Africa's three major regional economic communities - the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC). This year's summit programme will cover topics including: how investment is spearheading Africa’s transformation, the pros and cons of the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), digitalisation, agricultural development and growth and intra-regional trade.

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Join His Excellency Paul Kagame

TGAIS – COMESA Rwanda is held under the high patronage of His Excellency Paul Kagame.

His Excellency's keynote address will be focused on the Smart Africa Initiative, and how African countries are coming together and transforming ICT and knowledge driven economies to promote growth across the continent.

Join H.E. Paul Kagame and multiple African heads of state in Kigali this September.

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Why you should attend

1. Identify concrete investment and business opportunities that arise from the TFTA

2. Gain access to African heads of state, government ministers and heads of investment promotion agencies

3. Network with qualified African and international investors in control of US$128 billion of funds looking specifically for opportunities in the region

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“This summit encourages regional trade and investment by giving African governments, business leaders and visionaries the opportunity to present their projects and set up partnerships to new investment pools, operators and partners. It is unprecedented to see such commitment and support from heads of state, ministers and private sector businesses all looking to develop new business opportunities with international businesses. With the patronage and leadership of His Excellency Paul Kagame, we have a summit that many are regarding as a true game changer.”

Paul Sinclair,
Director, The Global African Investment Summit

“Hosting the summit in Kigali will provide international investors with a window to the region. In partnership with The Global African Investment Summit, COMESA is deepening its role and impact in changing the business platform and policies that is conducive to creating an enabling environment for effective private-sector participation.”

Sindiso Ngwenya,
Secretary General, COMESA

"Overall experience was very good and we met many good contacts and had a lot of useful conversations, now we will follow-up and learn the true value we could gain." 

David Thomson,
Board Chair, African Wildlife

"Extremely valuable. Easily ranks as one of the top summits I have attended." 

Kgotla Mpohuting,
Director, Royal African Petroleum

"Very valuable to learn about issues concerning investing in Africa and potential solutions from entrepreneurs and institutional investors." 

International Business Development Manager, CPP

"The summit was very insightful and I will definitely attend again." 

Ife Ade Tokan,

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and sessions I attended. It was a worthwhile experience and I look forward to next year's summit." 

Antionette-Rita Okoiye,
Lawyer, Schiffer Odom Hicks & Johnson PLLC

"This summit was a platform for deal making and also real networking. It was also a venue for project development." 

Onike Nicol-Houra,
Principal Business Development Officer, African Development

"High value for information and networking." 

Geoffrey Simon,
Chairman, Peninsula City Limited

"It was great that there were plenty of concrete investment proposals presented and discussed." 

L Zonneveld,
CEO, BIO Invest Inc.

"This is a great summit with in-depth insights into key banking issues regarding Africa! Absolutely amazing and convincing line-up of speakers!" 

David Gyori,
Market Analyst, FinTech Circle Innovate

"Great conference, many, many high profile people." 

Zee de Gersingny,
Managing Director, Momentum Global Investment Management

"Excellent update on Africa and the rigour being applied  by African governments and companies to be more investor friendly." 

John Cheesmond,
CEO, 2Oceans

"It was organised very well and helpful for bringing people with similar business interests together." 

Francis Brako,
Researcher, UCL

"The summit was an interesting and valuable experience. I was able to listen to the pressing issues affecting business in Africa and network with key players." 

Roseanne Blake,
Consultant, PWC